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Movement Feedback for Anxiety

Who here hasn’t ever experienced anxiety?

Remember the sweaty palms, the dry mouth, the racing heart, the tight chest, you

experienced before sitting an exam or attending an important interview? That’s anxiety.

The good news is (what good news? I hear you roll your eyes at me! I know it doesn’t feel like

it but hear me out). The good news is all those symptoms is just your body's way of responding to what it perceives as an immediate threat to your life.

It’s your mind and body working together doing what they do best – keep you alive!

But the bad news is this jerk reaction, shortness of breath, and thinking every tiny event is a threat can become chronic if we don't learn how to manage it effectively. Everyone experiences mild anxiety, but anxiety – when severe - can be debilitating; and people who suffer from it deserve the best care possible. But unfortunately, modern medicine loves quick fix. Who cares about the deep-rooted cause of anxiety when we can prescribe them a pill that will make them “feel nothing”?!

However, instead of ranting about how modern medicine treats the symptom and not the

cause or telling you what you most probably already know about anxiety, today, I want to

bring your attention to something different - a healing modality known as “Movement

Feedback Analysis”.

Movement Feedback Analysis is a tool that can help people gain insight into their body's

energy flow and learn how to improve their overall well-being. It's based on the idea that how you do anything; is how you do everything. There is only one YOU in this world (you beautiful unique human, you!) and whether you are brushing your teeth or performing on stage in front of thousands, you are the same person.

And Movement Feedback utilises YOUR uniqueness to give you a new and (of course!) a

unique way to ease anxiety found Movement Feedback Analysis more than a decade ago when I refused the prescription drug my GP prescribed for my anxiety (“may cause suicidal tendencies” was the number one side-effect of the drug I was prescribed, for crying out loud! And with a 3-year-old daughter relying on me for her survival, I knew I needed a better solution than that).

Movement Feedback Analysis helped me realize that my anxiety is connected to my body and when I moved (while being observed by a trained healer), the hidden anxiety came up to the surface and once acknowledged, released. Every moment of every day, our bodies are constantly communicating with us, but very rarely do we pay any attention to it. Movement Feedback Analysis allows us to hear what our bodies are trying to tell us--and this makes it one of the most powerful tools that can help you when it comes to releasing anxiety, trauma, stuck emotions, or blocks.

Does this sound a bit woo-woo to you?

Good, I am glad it sounds a bit woo because sometimes what sounds “out there” helps open your mind up to a possibility that maybe there is more to this world than meets the eye. And if like me, you are also reading the side effects of an anxiety medicine and it is freaking you out, knowing that maybe something else might help too gives you hope. Maybe just maybe you might not need to rely on a pill all your life. (Full disclaimer: Please understand that taking a pill to relive the symptom of anxiety so that you can get some immediate relief, so that you are able to function again, and giving your mind enough breathing space to explore other options, I highly recommend it. It’s just you don’t want to be reliant on those pills forever!). Modern medicine – love it or hate it – is a blessing for humanity. I am not against it; I am a big fan. When I broke my ankle, I knew no amount of energy healing was going to fix that broken bone, and off to the A&E I ran (well I was carried on a stretcher!)).

On a more serious note, Movement Feedback Analysis is a form of energy healing that uses movement (the clue is in the name I guess) to connect with your body's energy field, and your body’s intelligence. By analysing how you move, practitioners can identify areas where stress, anxiety, trauma, blocks, etc are stuck in your body and help you release them, so that these issues don't have a detrimental effect on your mental state.

As a practitioner myself, I believe that anxiety and other emotional disturbances can be caused by an imbalance or blockage of energy in the body. Us practitioners can help unblock those natural processes by removing blockages from the body's energy field (which is composed of electromagnetic waves), allowing negative emotions to flow freely away from your mind and body so they don't have any negative impact on your health anymore!

The idea behind Movement Feedback Analysis is pretty simple: You use your own body as a conduit for positive energy, which helps to balance out negative emotions or energies that may be negatively impacting your physical health. Your body has natural healing abilities— you just need someone who knows how to tune into it teach you how to do it, and you start using it for your benefit.

During a Movement Feedback Analysis session, my client’s body allows me to see what's going on in their bodies and minds when they're feeling anxious, so that we can work together on ways for them to change their physical patterns and emotional responses (“them” being the operative word here because it’s not the practitioner who makes any changes; the power is entirely in the client’s hands. They do it all… we just provide the tools and hold space for them).

If you suffer from any kind of anxiety, you may have wondered if there was anything you could do about it besides taking medication or seeing a therapist--and now you know there is a new tool you can explore! Whether you're looking for an alternative to traditional medicine, or just want to feel more connected with your body and mind,

Movement Feedback Analysis can help you explore your own personal power. In my next article, I will teach you 5 different movements you can do yourself to start releasing anxiety. (I just need to figure out how to draw – so that it makes sense. Wish me luck!)

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