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Benefits of empowerment life coaching

Support & strategies to cope with heavy feelings & thoughts

If This is You Right Now:

Thinking;  ‘I am a burden’, ‘I cannot go on’ , ‘I am a failure’

Shame, guilt, frustration, anxiety, grief and anger smother you.  

Longing for your 'old self and life’ and agonizing over your unpredictable future.

  Bewildered by the changes in your health/life.

Wondering whether life is worth living.

Through coaching, you will learn to:

Gain unshakeable confidence that your personal worth is  not determined by your ability to function.

Live in the present, feel grounded and in control of your actions.

Connect to your body and treat yourself with compassion & love.


Regain the feeling of purpose.

Carve a vibrant future for yourself while balancing your health needs.

Your Transformation: List

Becoming empowered so you can confidently handle your career/ relationships

If This is You Right Now:

Struggling to juggle the demands of work/studies and your health/disability.

Worried about your personal and professional relationships.  

Hiding your needs/ health challenges for fear of being seen as ‘lazy’ and ‘faking it’.

Ashamed of your body’s inability to handle certain physical tasks. 

Exhausted by the medical merry-go-round, being shoved from pillar to post by doctors as if it’s ‘all in your head’.

Through coaching, you will learn to:

Confidently chart a fulfilling career path. Handle the demands of work/studies without sacrificing your health.

Let go of relationships zapping your confidence and self-esteem.

Gain new supportive relationships.

Set boundaries firmly and have the courage to push back against any repercussions.

Express your needs assertively and seek support without shame and guilt.  

Become medically empowered, be your own advocate & unapologetically insist on the care you deserve.

Your Transformation: List

Accountability, motivation & support in implementing lifestyle changes

If This is You Right Now:

Struggling to stick to your desired sustainable eating/ exercise protocol to manage your health & ending up in tears.

Feeling trapped in a vicious circle of  unhealthy behaviours.

Managing your health has become a full-time activity which leaves little energy/motivation to appreciate life.


Through coaching, you will learn to:

Understand you strengths and commit to valued actions to bring greater vitality in your life, while managing your health needs.

 Set realistic goals.

Gain accountability through coaching & work steadily towards your desired health goals.


Your Transformation: List
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