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Hi there!
I'm Shabnam Rakhiba!

My Journey with Chronic Pain

Let me guess:

Like myself, you are a Queen battling chronic illness/pain/disability.

You are wondering whether it’s worth it working with me and whether we will gel.

 I get you.

I understand your struggles and your daily challenges.

I understand the tears you try to hide behind smiles.

I understand the sense of loss; loss of control over your body and life and loss of your old lively self.

I understand these and much more because I have struggled with these for more than a decade.

My story is not unique and countless women have gone through the same.

I was a healthy and ambitious young person until the day I woke up with sudden intractable pain.

I spent the next 11 years in the vicious cycle of hope and heartbreak where I relentlessly

attempted to understand why I was in pain and attempted to cure this physical suffering.

Indeed, the emotional pain was as overwhelming as the relentless physical pain as I watched my body refusing to co-operate with me.

It seemed my body had developed a mind of its own and refused to obey me! I’m sure you are intimately familiar with this feeling. 

Nowadays, I manage my condition with a mixture of mindfulness, hypnosis, EFT,

physiotherapy, homeopathy and medication as needed.

After 11 years of tests, scans and doctor’s appointments, I was diagnosed with endometriosis and fibromyalgia.

I still live with chronic pain which affects my mobility. However, my emotional and physical  suffering has lessened.

I learned to work with my body and respect its limits and accept the uncomfortable feelings and struggles accompanying health conditions.

I learned to be creative, innovative and adapt to the unpredictable demands of chronic illness/pain.

I learned to establish boundaries and insist on being given the space for growth and self-care.

I learned to live unapologetically.


About Me: About Me

My Values & Vision

I value honesty, loyalty & fairness, kindness and lifelong-learning.

I do not have any grand vision.

Mine is the same vision that every woman with chronic illness/pain and disability has:

a day when every woman will be treated with compassion, sensitivity and fairness irrespective of how able-bodied and functional she is or whether or not she can carry children,

a day when she will not fear being left behind by her loved ones,

a day when discrimination and prejudice against her will disappear,

a day when she will not have to hide her health challenges and disability,

This day is very far off.

I work towards my vision by empowering one woman at a time. 

Let's connect if my values & vision resonate with you.

About Me: About Me

More about me

I can’t bake.

I love post-apocalyptic and horror movies and TV series; Hunger Games, The Handmaid’s Tale, Walking Dead- you get the drift?

I am a book lover. Favourite authors: Stephen King, Sarah J. Maas, Khalid Hosseini.

I am unashamedly eccentric.

I am a happy introvert.

I have an aversion to spiders, hypocrites and abusive people.

I love gardening and call my plants ‘my babies’. I also talk to them daily. Thankfully, they don't answer back.

I cringe when I see perfect selfies captioned ‘Live your best life’. I believe in living a purposeful and meaningful life and valuing the little things that makes one’s life worthy of living.

About Me: About

My Professional Background

MBPsS, ACT.Accred.(AAAC)

  • Ba (Hons) Psychology and Accredited Masters in Psychology.

  • CPCAB (Counselling & Psychotherapy Central Awarding Body) Qualified Life Coach.

  • Rapid Trauma Intervention Practitioner.

  • Advanced & accredited Practitioner of the ACT model (British Psychological Society).

Professional affiliations:

  • Graduate member of the British Psychological Society (BPS) and it’s Special Group in Coaching Psychology. The BPS is the association regulating Psychology Practitioners in the UK.

  • Member of the Association of Contextual Behavioural Science (ACBS). The ACBS is a worldwide learning and research community for practitioners of the ACT model, RFT (Relational Frame Theory) and Contextual Behavioural Science.

About Me: About Me
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